What We Do

Inovir delivers the highest quality packaging at net factory cost. We provide fee based management of your order from creation, to development, to production to logistics. These include: materials; environmental considerations; print and finishing; certifications and audits; quality assurance and control; and warehousing and distribution. We have served leading global brands with innovative, eye- catching packaging for over thirty years.

  • Shopping Bags
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Folding rigid boxes
  • Folding carton boxes
  • Presentation cases
  • Fabric pouches
  • Accessories – Tissues, ribbons, and bows
  • Flexible packaging (PE & PP)
  • Paper
  • Leather and PU leather
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Wood and MDF
  • Injection molding
  • Cotton/Canvas/Fabrics
  • Non-woven
  • Tissue
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Print and Production
  • QA and QC
  • Logistics
How We Do It

With 35 years serving many of the world’s leading brands, with hands-on experience operating our own modern factories, with an exceptional knowledge of the market, of design, materials, print and production, certification and logistics, we know what must be done and how to do it. We have long broken barriers in the pursuit of excellence.

We transparently detail every step of your order so you will be assured of the result you want within the budget you set, on spec and on time. You place your requirements in expert hands, with our highly experienced staff in offices in North America, Europe and Asia. We supervise manufacturing and expertly assure QA and QC. We know printing and manufacturing. And we bring the most current advice and support regarding social and environmental compliance. Through innovation we have met environmental requirements that were considered impossible only a few years ago. We know packaging.

Download Unforgettable Packaging,
the guide to modern packaging
by Claude Roessiger with forward by Santo Versace

Claude Roessiger, founder of the global company that brought fine packaging to the world, now brings a new way to do packaging. 35 years experience in serving global leading brands: factory direct, secure, certified and cost efficient.

Unforgettable Packaging Download