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Cosmetics and personal care are all about personality and style. Customers are looking for brands and products that reflect who they are and how they want to portray themselves to the world. The right packaging is one of the primary mechanisms to draw a potential customer to your brand, especially because the customer often cannot try the product in the store.

Custom Cosmetics Packaging that Fits Your Brand

Is your brand driven by elegance and sophistication, or is the attitude more about fun? Proper packaging can help a customer identify which brands are best for them. The colors and style of your custom cosmetic and personal care packaging will determine the audience for your product. Understanding buyer decision-making when it comes to packaging is a space in which Inovir excels. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of the professionals by working with a company that understands what your customers want!

Tissue accessories for custom packaging for retailCustom Makeup Packaging for All Cosmetic Products

We create product packaging for all cosmetic and personal care products, from face creams and lotions to haircare products such as shampoos and conditioners. From folding carton to clamshells to rigid boxes, and more, we can provide you with a complete custom cosmetic and personal care packaging solution.

Custom Packaging for Cosmetics- Bags, Boxes, and Accessories

Custom packaging for cosmetics and personal care includes everything from plastic clamshells for blush and eyeshadow to the shopping bags at your boutiques and tradeshow exhibits. You may need only one component, or you may need an entire line of custom cosmetic and personal care packaging products. Whatever your needs, Inovir can deliver a concept that is aligned with your brand’s personality and can take that concept through to finished product.

Elemis custom retail bagsCustom Makeup Packaging for Boutiques

When you offer your cosmetic and personal care products at your boutiques, you sell an experience, not just products. In addition to providing you with packaging for your retail and product needs, we create sample packaging, gift sets, and more, including accessories like tissue paper, stickers, and ribbons. Planning to sell your products online and ship to customers? We also offer custom e – commerce and subscription boxes. Regardless of the need, Inovir’s team of dedicated and experienced packaging specialists are prepared to deliver stunning packaging that elevates your brand.

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