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Custom gift boxes match the quality of your product and brand. They make your customer feel good about buying, receiving and opening your product. They don’t have to see the product to know it’s going to be good. As soon as they see the box, they know it will be good. High quality packaging reinforces brand perception.

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Set your brand apart from the competition on the shelf. Products like chocolate, personal care, and spirits cannot often not be sampled in store. Not all customers are educated about your product. The packaging is a good way start educating them and telling them why they should choose you.

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Inovir is a full-service custom gift box manufacturer that can take you from concept and design through to finished product and logistics. Our packaging specialists work with you to understand your branding and develop custom packaging that is aligned with it. In addition to custom gift boxes, Inovir manufactures custom gift bags, custom jewelry boxes, branded tissue paper, branded ribbons, presentation cases, and more!

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