Custom Plastic Packaging by Inovir

Plastic packaging can provide product protection that is difficult to find with paper. And when it comes to large volumes, injection molding can be a more economical way to achieve the same great look that can be achieved with rigid chipboard or MDF. Additionally, plastic bags are great for exhibitions and samples – also large volume needs. Inovir develops plastic packaging that is functional, efficient, and sets your brand apart from the competition.

Custom Plastic Product Boxes & Containers

When producing large volumes, plastic boxes, created through an injection mold, are an attractive and more cost efficient alternative to rigid chipboard or MDF material. Whether wrapped in paper, fabric or even PU, it is impossible to know that the box is actually an injection molded product. Such boxes are particularly popular in industries where many standard sizes already exist, such as the jewelry industry. However, at very large volumes, creating your own mold is an efficient option. Plastic boxes can be just as eye catching as any rigid box, while maintaining efficiency.

Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic bags continue to be an efficient packaging product for giveaways, promotions and samples. Such campaigns are often run in volumes of hundreds of thousands or even millions of bags. Plastic bags offer an efficient and eye catching way to deliver these campaigns to potential customers.

Your Full-Service Custom Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

We work with you to understand your brand and what feelings you want to evoke; so whether it’s plastic or another type of packaging material like paper, cotton, or wood, we know that packaging is an important component of your overall branding initiative.

Inovir is a full-service custom product packaging manufacturer. We work with you from concept to production to delivery of the completed project. Whether you have all the specs ready to go or you are still in the conceptual stage, we have the skill and experience to turn your vision into reality.

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