Custom Rigid Boxes by Inovirrigid boxes, custom-made

The box that your product comes in can be just as important to your brand as the product itself. First impressions last a lifetime and you only get one chance to make one! By packaging your product in an eye catching box that matches your brand, you are showing your customer a commitment to quality.

Packaging items such as jewelry, custom gifts, and confections can be a unique challenge. You have a small amount of room to make a big impression, so the choices that you make are of the utmost importance. Tying your custom packaging to your brand is paramount. That is why we work with you every step of the way. We want to ensure that the custom rigid boxes we create aligned with your brand.

pasquale bruni custom rigid boxesCustom Rigid Boxes for Jewelry

Jewelry is almost always purchased as a gift. This means that the box that it comes in should be as special as the person receiving it.

A small, beautifully designed package lets the recipient know that there is something special inside, and that someone thought they were special enough to give it to them. This warm feeling is then attached to your brand and evokes a positive feeling within the recipient when they see your brand in the future. Amazing the impact something as simple as a custom rigid box can have on a consumer’s perception of your brand!

From Concept to Finished Productrigid box tissue accessories

Inovir will take you from packaging concept and design to finished product, for all your product packaging needs. In addition to rigid boxes, we can create and manufacture a wide range of packaging products, including custom mailing boxes, tissue paper, shopping bags gift bags, ribbon, stickers, and more. Inovir is truly a turnkey manufacturer.

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