At Inovir, we innovate. It’s in our name and it’s who we are. We know that good packaging does not just hold product. It emphasizes brand differentiation.

That’s why we want to keep you up to date on our latest groundbreaking packaging innovations as they happen. Whether it’s usability, sustainability or aesthetics, we are always innovating to help you stand apart.

IB Closure: stands for Interior Bag Closure and it is the first of its kind. It solves a decades’ long challenge by bringing a practical and aesthetic closure to a shopping or gift bag. Not only are items inside the bag protected, but the IB Closure presents like a gift, bringing the “unboxing experience” to bags.

Ultravar: Ultravar is a sustainable alternative to plastic lamination on paper packaging. It achieves the same practical and aesthetic results as lamination, but without the plastic. This means that packaging products that would have been previously laminated are now 100% recyclable.