Cosmetics and Skincare

Packaging helps to elevate your brand on the shelf, in public and on the web, among the thousands of items to choose from. What gives your customer that extra nudge towards your brand? The packaging. What gets noticed when your customer is walking around a busy shopping area carry your brand like a walking billboard? The shopping bag and nothing else. And what delights your customers when they take home or receive your product? The unboxing. Make the experience a memorable one. Inovir can help.


The focus in fashion is the retail and increasingly, the e–commerce packaging. When your customers walk out of your retail location, you want the world to know that they were shopping with you and you want to invite them in to visit. How do you do that? You stand out among the thousands of other shopping bags in public at any one time. When your customer gives your unique style as a gift or receives it from an online purchase, you want the recipient to feel the emotions behind your brand during the entire process; unboxing, discovery, and wear.

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Whether given as timeless and personal gift or bought simply for the sheer joy of it, jewelry carries a unique elegance. It is far more than just packaging that applies to jewelry. It is presentation. Inovir will place your jewelry on the pedestal that it deserves and it present it to the world so that the piece is complimented in front your customer.

Non – Profit

Give your cause the attention it deserves. Packaging is much more than just method of carrying and protecting an item. It is a vehicle that helps raise awareness.


Don’t lose the chance to maximize the impact of an exhibition or showing. Let packaging help tell people what is happening at your museum.

Specialty Food

Your customers do not always have the chance to sample your gourmet product in store and they definitely do not have that chance online. How do they know which specialty food to select? What gives them the confidence that yours will be the gift they want to give? The answer is the packaging. Packaging that speaks to taste, care, and quality will drive the customer to you.

Spirits and Wine

Bottles do not always have packaging, but when they do it is for presentation. Do not let limited edition, special seasonal offerings or gifts stand naked. Let your customer know instantly that there is something different about this one.

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